Raised in the church singing hymns and studying drums, piano, guitar and bass at home with his music professor father, Derek Anthony Gray found a way to marry his strict gospel upbringing with his rebellious passion for rock and roll.  The result is a powerful blend of catchy pop rock with lyrics that inspire hope, courage and faith. Dark and light, loss and love, despair and dance. Derek brings his own personal journey of battling addiction and homelessness and finding love and peace to everything he writes, giving his listener music that radiates the message to never, ever give up no matter how far you fall.



Inspired by David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Scott Weiland, Queen (just to name a few),  Derek writes, performs and plays all his instruments. 

He currently is diving into the film world and just finished composing a full orchestral score for a short film that will be out in 2019 and numerous songs and compositions of his are being placed in TV and film. He is the music composer for the podcast,






Truth In Life, Setbacks, Delays, And Detours Are Often Just My Way Of "Keeping" You For Something Way Better. Don't Let Them Discourage You, Don't See Them Out Of Context, And Whatever You Do, Don't Stop Dancing. Your Most Able Choreographer, The Alpha Omega Beginning And End.

 "Everyone Has An Inner Life As Rich As Our Own. Everyone Is Running Toward Something And Away From Something Else, Holding Onto Something And Struggling To Let Something Else Go. Everyone Is Trying, Sometimes Succeeding, Sometimes Failing. And I Believe We’re All Doing The Best We Can In Each Given Moment In Time. You Might Not Agree, And That’s Fine. But Believing This Helps Me Be The Best Version Of Myself More Often Than Not. The Chaotic Little Universe Inside Me Finds Calm By Understanding The Chaos In You. I See You. I Get You. I Am You. And Remembering That Brings Me Peace." ~Lori Deschene. I've Been At The Bottom. I've Seen Where Drugs And Alcohol Can Take Me. Hell. I Should Be Dead. But I'm Not. I'm Here Living My Best Life. I Never Want To Go Back But I Also Never Want To Forget.